Channel 4 - Rise and Fall


With levels of inequality in Britain higher than ever and millions feeling powerless to affect the decisions that shape their lives, Channel 4 is launching a major new social experiment that explores the gap between the haves and the have-nots and asks how wealth and power shape the way we behave toward one another.

Client: Channel 4
Agency: 4Creative

Production company: Mindseye
Exec Producer: Charlie Phillips
Director: Matthew Walker

Producer: @jonny kite
PM: Lucy Banks
PA: Maria Pereira
Prod Cord: Sorcha Anglim
Location: Ben McGregor

Director Of Photography: Patrick Meller
Production Designer: @ChloeBrady
1st AD: Will Jasper
Costume Designer: Alexandra Day

Editor: Patric Ryan @ MSE
Edit assistant: Hannah Yebury @ MSE
VFX: @blackkite
Colourist: Rich Fearon
Sound Designer: James Utting @ Factory

CEO: Andrew Forbes
Nurse: @Rachel Oriowo
Cleaner: @Amy Costello